Wound Sealing

Dynarex® Minor Laceration Tray
Dynarex® Minor Laceration Tray

A convenient kit assembled in a compact, sterile package. Disposable sterile kits offer convenience and extra protection against cross infection. Plastic tray provides sterile field. Removable Tyvek lid. Forceps are metal and are not serrated.

Includes: 1 Plastic Tray
5 Gauze Sponges
1 Waterproof Drape, Blue
1 Fenestrated Waterproof Drape
2 Absorbent Towels
1 Tissue Forcep
1 Needle Holder
1 Scissor


Brand Name
Medical Action Premium Laceration Tray
Medical Action Premium Laceration Tray

Sterile. Only supplies required are suture material, needle, and lidocaine.

10 4”x4” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply
5 2”x2” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply
1 Fenestrated Drape 13”x 18” x 3”
2 Absorbent Towels Blue Blotting 4 Ply
2 Med. Cups 60cc Gamma Safe
1 Webster Needle Holder
1 Iris Scissors
1 Mosquito Forcep
1 Syringe 10ml
1 Needle 18ga x 1.5 Pink
1 Needle 27ga x 1.25 Grey
1 Needle 25ga x 0625 Org
1 Tray: Micofoam
1 Wrap 25” x 25”

Brand Name
Wound Seal Rapid Response
Wound Seal Rapid Response

Instantly stops bleeding on larger wounds and minimizes the risk of infection by creating a microbial barrier to seal the wound. This convenient, single-use bottle includes the same unique, patented Wound Seal powder formula, but with five times more product to apply to larger wounds of multiple cuts and lacerations.(TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

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