HARTMANN Flex-Band® Adhesive Bandages

HARTMANN Flex-Band® Adhesive Bandages

Latex-free, sterile, individually sealed. Round, beveled edges prevent premature lifting of bandage. Hypoallergenic, fabric bandages that conform to any contour. Absorbent island wound pad will not stick to wound. Water-repellant layer protects against moisture penetration. Strong adhesive stays secure even in damp conditions.

Available in:

Strips ¾” x 3” (100/box)
Product:  4616                          

Strips 1” x 3” (100/box)
Product:  4618                       

Knuckle 1 1/2”, x 3” (100/box)
Product: 4614                     

Wing 3” x 3” (50/box)
Product: 4610                          

Fingertips (Large) 2” x 2 1/2” (50/box)
Product:  4621                                                    

Patch 2” x 3" (50/box)
Product: 4613

Spot 7/8" Round  (100/box)
Product:  4611

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