Formulated with aloe vera, this top quality lotion is ideal for massage or as an ultrasound coupling agent. No menthol, hexachlorophene or polysorbates. Hypoallergenic, water-soluble and greaseless.

 Product 4262 Gallon/3.8 L (includes 8.5oz/250ml squeeze bottle)                          

Ultrasound Gel

Intelect® Ultrasound Gel. Hypoallergenic. Water -soluable. Non-greasy. Non staining. 

Includes: 1.3 Gallons (5 litres), includes one 8.5 0z refill bottle

Product: 4266

Intelect Transport Ultrasound Applicators

1 cm²
Product: 27381 (Transport and Legend XT)                               

2 cm²
Product: 27382 (Transport and Legend XT)                                           

5 cm²
Product: 27383 (Transport and Legend XT)                                        

10 cm²
Product: 27384(Transport and Legend XT)

Contact us for pricing on clinical supplies and equipment, including massage lotion, electrodes, Nylatex®, TENS and STIM units ,or any other facility room needs.

Hydrocollator Heating Units

Chattanooga Hydrocollator® 

Stationary Heating Units

Product: E-1  2102 (Includes 4 Standard Hot Pacs)
Product: E-1  2102-2 (Includes 3 Standard and 1 Cervical Hot Pacs)
Product: E-1  2102-3 (Includes 2 Standard and 2 Cervical Hot Pacs)
Product: E-2  2802 (Includes 2 Oversize, 3 Standard and 1 Neck Contour)

Call or email for information on mobile heating units, chillers, soft goods, and accessories.

Intelect Transport Combo

A combination stim and ultrasound in one. Two channels of electrical stimulation output, as well as fully functional 1 and 3.3 MHz ultrasound. Ten user defined memory positions for user protocols.  Includes four standard waveforms on board; interferential, premodulated, Russian and high volt. Independent intensity and parameter controls for each channel. Ergonomically designed sound head applicator.

Product: 2738 (Unit only)   

Includes: 5cm 2 sound head applicator. Conductor™ ultrasound gel 250ml bottle. Electrotherapy lead wire channel 1, and electrotherapy lead wire channel 2. Dura-Stick® Plus self adhesive electrodes (4 pack).   

Cart Assemby
Product:    2780
Cart Adapter
Product:    2884

Chattanooga Intelect Transport Ultrasound

This transportable unit offers a logical control system, large easy to read LCD display, as well as an innovative case design.  The unit is uniquely designed for table top, wall mount, therapy cart or mobile use. The unit has fully functional 1 and 303 MHz ultrasound frequencies, with ten memory positions for user protocols.  It features pulse and continuous therapy operation (10%, 20%, 50%, and 100%). The sound head applicator  is ergonomically designed and water tight for under water therapy.    

Includes: 5 cm2 sound head applicator. Conductor™ ultrasound gel 250ml bottle.
Product: 2782 (unit only)

Intelect® Transport Carry Bag
Product: 27467
Battery Pack
Product: 27478
Cart Assembly
Product: 2780
Cart Adapter (Grey)
Product: 2884


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