Cramer High Performance Gear A/T Bags



Cramer® High Performance Gear:  shoulder Kits  Offset shoulder strap for improved carry comfort and reduced slippage. Multiple grab points provide carrying options and increase mobility. Multiple internal and external pocket configurations for custom organization. Removable color coded organization pods integrated into lid for quick access. Integrated water proof rainfly protects contents of kit. Integrated water proof pocket for safe electronics and valuable item storage. Quick access front pocket with integrated storage and organization. Reinforced bottom with end-to-end railing for maximum durability and stability. Innovative HPG Divider System provides highly customizable interior with rigid dividers and quick adjust U-pins

 Product: 7200476  Large AT Shoulder Kit -     23"L x 11"H x 15"W                  

 Product: 7200477  Medium AT Shoulder Kit - 19"L x 11"H x 14" W




Cramer High Performance Fanny Pack



Cramer® High Performance Gear:  AT Fanny Pack . Adjustable, extra-long strap for alternative use as a sling bag. Integrated quick access scissor holders. Multiple internal pocket configurations for custom organization. Breathable mesh padding for comfort and improved air circulation. One hand quick access side compartments with magnetic closures. Convenient pocket for safe electronics and valuable item storage.

AT Fanny Pack - 13"L x 7"H x 5.5

Product: 7200475 

Cramer Pre Wrap Natural

  Cramer® Pre Wrap: Provides a protective barrier between skin and athletic tape. Use to secure pads, socks, and cold packs in place. Versatile enough to hold up sleeves, or create a knee strap or protect feet under boots and athletic footwear.

2.75” x 30yds x 48 (Natural)

Product: 214592

Cramer® QDA

Cramer® QDA  Taping Base. A quick drying adherent to help secure tape, underwrap, and elastic wraps, reducing blister causing friction

Product : 171531  8 oz Spray        

Cramer® Skin Lube


Cramer ® Skin Lube®:   Prevents blisters in friction-prone areas Reduces chaffing and wind burn. Lasts longer than petroleum jelly due to higher melting point.

 Product : 192538  1 LB Jar   (454 g)

Cramer® PowerFlo 50


CRAMER® Powerflo 50:  

Providing safe, portable on the field hydration. The PowerFlo 50 does that with a 50 gallon capacity tank running off a rechargeable battery powered pump. Best for large teams that need a lot of water in one central location.

Features include:

  A semi-clear tank with a 50 gallon water capacity with rounded corners for easier cleaning and maintenance. High quality fittings for longevity and dependability.

  Every component of the PowerFlo 50 that contacts the drinking water is made of an FDA approved material or is a water potable component. This commitment to safety extends to the components within the drinking nozzles which are custom manufactured out of an FDA approved material and built using internal components that meet the same standard.

 New lighter weight, more durable cabinets made from the same materials used in football helmets. New mounting tabs add a replaceable “break away” function so the cabinet itself will be less likely to be damaged if dropped or hit.

Six drinking stations feature self retracting UVA/UVB resistant blue coiled hoses that are manufactured from an FDA approved material. Mounted on an External manifold provides easy access to hose attachments to facilitate easier cleaning and winterizing 

New and improved rugged metal 4 wheel cart is custom built for our hydration units with extra reinforcement straps to insure performance and then powder coated to provide increased durability

Tubeless tires which have also been fitted with an inner tube for unmatched dependability

 New bushing system replace the old bearing style wheel. Provides greater strength durability and corrosion resistance

 Product: 028000           Call for quote and availability. 905-269-8206

  We can source and supply replacement parts for the Cramer Hydration units




Cramer® Thermo Max Hydration Unit


CRAMER® Themo Max Hydration Unit: 

Provides safe, portable hydration on the field. The ThermoFlo Max Hydration Unit supplies an unlimited water supply and was designed to be lighter than traditional battery-powered units for easier transportation. This pressure-driven unit hooks up to an outside water supply and uses copper coils to provide continuous flow of chilled water. Features a 120-quart cooler, dual 30-foot copper coils, and 6 drinking stations with self-retracting hoses. All connections are designed with the highest quality fittings for longevity and dependability, and all components are made with FDA-approved materials for safety and drinkability.


  Product: 027200           Call for quote and availability. 905-269-8206


Cramer® Deluxe Elastic Bandages


Cramer® Deluxe Elastic Bandages:  Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap is made of heavy gauge rubber that retains its shape and elasticity through repeated washings. The breathable cotton body helps minimize heat build-up without sacrificing support. Heat resistant heavy gauge rubber for improved durability and longer life Cotton body promotes air circulation and helps control heat build up. Washable


 Product: 235712         4”x 10 Yds                                                                               




 Product: 235812         6” x 10 Yds                                                                           


 Avaialable in:


Case of 6   4”x 10 Yds                                                                                 



Case of 6   6” x 10 Yds                                                                                 

Cramer ® Cold Shoulder Wrap

Cramer® Cold Shoulder Wrap:   Cold therapy is one of the best ways to combat pain and swelling due to over exertion and heavy stress on muscles and joints.  Cramer Cold Shoulder Wrap provides complete cold therapy coverage for the shoulder, rotator cuff upper arm and elbow to athletes who place a heavy workload on those areas. Fits Left or right shoulder.

Product: 279826

Cramer ® Rapid Form Immobilzer

Cramer® Rapid Form Immobilizer:  3-Piece Set, Arm, Leg & Ankle. The Rapid Form Immobilizer helps stabilize fractures and dislocations without circumferential pressure. Pump extracts air from the unit, forcing the interior beads to form a solid, rigid mass.

Product:  13463


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