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Cramer® Groin and Hip Spica

 Durable neoprene wrap is 73" long from end to end, easy to apply, fits either right or left hip, designed to wrap groin strains, hip abductors, flexor strains and hip arthritis. Designed to wrap around the waist and upper thigh and proper fit depends on the dimensions of these body parts, and will generally fit individuals with waist sizes between 26 and 40 inches

 Product: 279900                                                                                                

ProCare Cervical Collar

ProCare Patriot™ Collar:

One–piece injection molded collar provides proper support and helps restrict cervical spine fl exion, extension and rotation to promote patient recovery following trauma. Constructed with durable high density polyethylene lined with a soft closed cell foam for maximum patient comfort. Both universal sizes have multiple heights to fi t most adults. Oversized trachea opening provides quick access to carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies. Stacks fl at to preserve space and is x–ray, CT and MRI lucent. Latex free. Ideal for cervical spine immobilization and extraction.

(Nonreturnable/refundable for hygienic reasons)

Height Adjustment 1.75”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 3.5” (Measurements from sternal notch to chin)

Neck Circumference 11” - 23”

Product: Adult 79-83131  



Sully® Shoulder Stabilizer

Provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for anterior, multi-directional, inferior and posterior instabilities, rotator cuff deceleration, shoulder AC separations and muscle strains. The shoulder brace is designed to stabilize, assist or restrict movement of the shoulder post-injury and post operatively. Pulls the humerus posteriorly as it restricts external rotation and abduction. Elastic straps attach with Velcro at any point, in any direction and with any amount of force. The smooth, controlled assistance or restraint follows the natural movement of the muscles and joints.

Ordering Information
(Measure bicep in non-flex position)

Part Number: 11-0525-1, Chest: 34" - 40", Biceps: 9" - 10.5", Size: X-Small

Part Number: 11-0525-2, Chest: 36" - 40", Biceps: 11" - 13", Size:Small

Part Number: 11-0525-3, Chest: 38" - 42", Biceps: 13" - 15", Size: Medium

Part Number: 11-0525-4, Chest: 42" - 46", Biceps: 14" - 17", Size: Large

Part Number: 11-0525-5, Chest: 46" - 51", Biceps: 15" - 17", Size: X-Large

MC David Ankle brace: level 3 / lace up / with stays

Designed to support the ankle in prevention and/or recovery of common ankle sprains.Spring steel medical stays for solid support. Built of durable two layer polyester/vinyl/mesh. Ventilated tongue, padded lining, and reinforced closures. Built-in anotomical arch adds support and all game comfort. Fits Left or Right.

Colour: Black
Product: 199R

MC David Knee Support with Stays / Level 2

Designed to help relieve symptoms of chondromalacia, patellar subluxation and tendonitis, while offering medial-lateral support and prevention of ligament injuries. padded buttress supports the patella. Reinforced ligament support with spring steel stays. Top and bottom hook and loop closures ensure outstanding fit. Latex-free neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Outer heavy-duty nylon material for durability. Fits right or left.

Colour: Black

Sizes: S- 2XL

Content: 100% latex-free , neoprene  - exclusive of binding/straps/cover fabric

Product: 421R

MC David Hinged Knee Brace / Level 3

Dual Disc hinged. For prevention of and recovery from MCL and ACL injuries. Wider hinge paddles provide better support. Top and bottom hook and loop closures ensure outstanding fit. Latex-free neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Padded buttress supports the patella. Bound edges prevent irritation Seamless, perforated back panel for all-around comfort. Outer heavy-duty nylon fabric for durability. Fits Left or Right.

Colour: Black

Sizes: S - 2XL

Content: 100% latex-free, neoprene  - exclusive of binding/straps/cover fabric/hinges

Product: 422R

MC David Shoulder Wrap / Level 1

Easy to wear support helps decrease pain pulls and strains. Adjustable hook and loop closure straps apply direct compression to the AC joint. Latex-free neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Simple light design makes it perfect for extended wear. Fits left or Right.

Colour: Black

Content: 100% latex-free neoprene - exclusive of binding/straps/cover fabric

Product: 463R

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