Hot and Cold Therapy

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Cramer ® Cold Shoulder Wrap

Cramer® Cold Shoulder Wrap:   Cold therapy is one of the best ways to combat pain and swelling due to over exertion and heavy stress on muscles and joints.  Cramer Cold Shoulder Wrap provides complete cold therapy coverage for the shoulder, rotator cuff upper arm and elbow to athletes who place a heavy workload on those areas. Fits Left or right shoulder.

Product: 279826

Cramer® Ice Bag Dispenser

Constructed of 5/16" stainless steel. Tabletop or wall mount, the 16-inch frame allows for mounting to wooden wall studs with the provided screws. (Bag sold separately)

Product : 236275

Cold Compression Therapy

No other cold and compression therapy system tops the convenience, value and flexibility of PowerPlay. At approximately one pound, PowerPlay is convenient for travel. With three ports that each offers both cold and intermittent, sequential compression for joints and muscle relief, PowerPlay gives you more therapy options.

Cold therapy has been shown to be effective in decreasing pain, muscle spasms, and swelling in injured or overworked joints and muscles. PowerPlay takes these benefits further by adding active compression to mimic the body’s natural muscle contractions, pump edema out of the injured area, stimulate tissue healing, increase blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the site, and optimize lymphatic drainage.

Power Play Control Unit

*Bag, Pump, Tube Extender, DC Adapter, Shoulder Wrap, and 360° Premium Knee Wrap

Power Play Premium Kit
Product: PPKT-68PRM*

Weights approx. 1 lb for the ultimate in portability and convenience
Provides 4-6 hours of continuous battery use
Features 3 ports for both cold and compression therapy - treat one to three athletes at a time
Operates with simple one-touch tachnology
Allows for 3 pressure settings (30mmHg to 70mmHg)
Intermittent, sequential compression pushes distal to proximal to move edema and swelling out of joints and muscles
Each site wrap includes one gel pack and optional insert for adding ice
Priced far below other cold and comression machines - allows you to urchase mutiple units at the price of one competitive product

Benefits:Travels conveniently between sproting events and the training room
Aids in RICE (Rest, Ice Compression, elelvation) anywhere with no mess
Provides the flexibility for multiple joint or muscle therapy for up to threee athletes
Accelerates the removal of lactic acid following high intensity exercise
Reduces severity and duration fo exercise - induced muscle injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
Improves circulation to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue
Provides therapy in one convenient solution and without worrying about pressure or temperature extremes

Items:PPKT-68STD   Kit (pump, adaptor, 2 standard wraps*, tube extender, bag) Standard KitPPKT-68PRM   Kit (pump, adaptor, 1 standard wrap, 1 premium wrap, tube extender, bag
PPKT-10SGL   Kit (pump, adaptor, 1 standard wrap, bag)
PPKT-10   Kit (pump, adaptor, 1 premium wrap, bag)
PPKN-58   Knee wrap
GP-KN-01   Knee gel pack
PPSH-59   Shoulder wrap
PPEL-22   Elbow wrap
GP-KN-01   Elbow gel pack
PPHP-65   Hip wrap
GP-HP-01   Hip gel pack
PPAN-66   Ankle wrap
GP-AN-01   Ankle gel pack
PPWR-68L   Wrist (LEFT) wrap
PPWR-68R   Wrist (RIGHT) wrapPPBB-LBP Back wrap long panel
PPTX-40   Tube extender adds 5' extension wrap to hoses
PPCC-62   Insulated carrying case
PPDC-63   DC Adaptor
PPKN-360   Premium 360degree knee wrap
PPGP-360   Premium 360degree knee gel pack
PPRT-01   PowerPlay (pump and adapter)

*360degree knee wrap is a PREMIUM WRAP ($85 when purchased in a kit)



Hydrocollator Heating Units

Chattanooga Hydrocollator® 

Stationary Heating Units

Product: E-1  2102 (Includes 4 Standard Hot Pacs)
Product: E-1  2102-2 (Includes 3 Standard and 1 Cervical Hot Pacs)
Product: E-1  2102-3 (Includes 2 Standard and 2 Cervical Hot Pacs)
Product: E-2  2802 (Includes 2 Oversize, 3 Standard and 1 Neck Contour)

Call or email for information on mobile heating units, chillers, soft goods, and accessories.

Dynarex™ Instant Cold Pack

Single squeeze allows for easy activation of packs. A onetime use disposable cold pack that promotes faster healing for the treatment of bruises, cuts, lacerations, sprains, minor burns, sinus & tension headaches, insect bites and toothaches.  Provides immediate relief to injured area. Flexible material conforms to body.

6" x 9" single use packs - 24/case
Product: MDS 135000

Cramer Flexi-I- Wrap™

Provides compression while clear film allows inspection of injury. Built-in hand brake on roller makes tearing easier. Self- adhering. Each roll contains 650' of film.

Available in:

4” x 650’  1 roll  
4” x 650’  1 roll with handle 
4” x 650’  6 roll pack with handle
Handle only

Product: 236106

Cramer Ice bags

1-mil polyethylene for increased durability. extra attention to seams helps minimize breakage due to to sharp ice crystals.

9-1/2" x 18", 1500 bags /roll
Product: 236271

Medi-First Cold Spray

Aerosol 4 oz

Cramer Cold Spray

Aerosol 10 oz

Mueller Coolant Spray

Aerosol 9 oz

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