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Pure Core Protein

Pure Core Protein with TRNM™:
Time Release Nitrogen Matrix (TRMN) scientifically engineered to supply your blood plasma with an abundance of critical amino acids known as the amino acid pool. The amino acids utilized in the matrix combine fast acting short chain branched chain amino acids (BCAA) with slower digesting polypeptides to provide a constant supply of nitrogen into the blood. TRNM ensures that your cells sustain a positive nitrogen balance during the critical hours after training by supplying your cells with improved intracellular amino acid retention and increase cell volumizing potential.  27g of protein/serving, 0 Trans or Saturated fat, 0 sugar, 1g of carbs, aspartame free.Double Chocolate, Ice Cream Vanilla, Strawberry Delight
2lb Jug: (approx. 28 servings 35 g each)100 Individual servings:  (35 g Single serving pouch)Bulk Box:  10kg


Mc David™ Hinged Knee Brace Level 3: 422R 
Dual Disc hinged. For prevention of and recovery from MCL and ACL injuries. Wider hinge paddles provide better support. Top and bottom hook and loop closures ensure outstanding fit. Latex-free neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Padded buttress supports the patella. Bound edges prevent irritation Seamless, perforated back panel for all-around comfort. Outer heavy-duty nylon fabric for durability. Fits Left or Right.

Intelect Transport Ultrasound: 2782

  Chattanooga Intelect® Transport  Ultrasound: 2782 
This transportable unit offers a logical control system, large easy to read LCD display, as well as an innovative case design.  The unit is uniquely designed for table top, wall mount, therapy cart or mobile use. The unit has fully functional 1 and 303 MHz ultrasound frequencies, with ten memory positions for user protocols.  It features pulse and continuous therapy operation (10%, 20%, 50%, and 100%). The sound head applicator is ergonomically designed and water tight for under water therapy.
2782 (Unit only) Includes 5 cm2 sound head applicator. Conductor™ ultrasound gel 250ml bottle.

Gitch Hitch

Gitch Hitch®   The original and #1 selling laundry loop in Canada. 7 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM(Red, White, Blue, Black, Med Grey, Green, Yellow)Minimum order 12 straps.Made in Canada.Recommend that Gitch Hitch be washed prior to initial use.             Made in Canada Quick and easy way to manage laundry Reduces washer and dryer load volume associated with laundry bags Significantly reduces drying time compared to laundry bag use Reduced dryer temperature to dry garments Standard length  20”  holds *6-8 garments and *2- 3 pairs of socks *(Varies with garment thickness)   


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