Cramer® Skin Lube


Cramer ® Skin Lube®:   Prevents blisters in friction-prone areas Reduces chaffing and wind burn. Lasts longer than petroleum jelly due to higher melting point.

 Product : 192538  1 LB Jar   (454 g)


Formulated with aloe vera, this top quality lotion is ideal for massage or as an ultrasound coupling agent. No menthol, hexachlorophene or polysorbates. Hypoallergenic, water-soluble and greaseless.

 Product 4262 Gallon/3.8 L (includes 8.5oz/250ml squeeze bottle)                          

Toast Screamin' Menthol

Therapeutic level of 4.0% menthol. Screamin' Menthol uses a hybrid approach to pain relief combining a therapeutic level of menthol with a low level of capsaicin. It tackles pain in 3 different ways simultaneously: creating a numbing effect at the cellular level, increasing blood flow to treated areas, and providing a cooling sensation. Temporarily relieves minor body aches due to: muscle aches, joint pain, sprains, strains, minor arthritis pain and back pain.   

Available in:

5oz Bottle
Product: MT-A 

Flexall ® 454

Since 1984, Fexall gels have proven beneficial in Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Pain management. Enhances ultrasound treatment when combined with coupling gel (Study information available upon request.)Flexall gels are used in the care of athletes worldwide, in all levels of competition.

Regular Strength Available in:

16 oz
Product: 87302

7 LB with Pump
Product: 875025

Maximum Strength Available in:

16 oz
Product: 87412

7 LB with Pump
Product: 87512

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