Wound Care

Zip Stitch

ZIP Stitch™  ZipStitch, surgical-quality wound closure device. Effectively treat minor cuts in seconds.  ZipStitch comes in a convenient, easy-to-carry envelope with complimentary supplies to treat your wound including: Gauze pad to stop bleeding. Alcohol wipe to clean wound area. ZipStitch (Sterile) to close laceration. Bandage to cover and protect closed wound.


Each ZipStitch can close a wound up to 1.5 inches long. Can be joined together for larger length wounds or cut in half for smaller wounds.

Prodcut:  ZIP


Bulk Gauze



AMD Bulk Non Sterile Traditional highly absorbent, woven gauze sponges. Well suited for wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, and wound packing.


B3001     2” x 2”   8ply  200/Bag                                                         

B3003      3” x 3”   8ply  200/Bag                                                        

B3005      4” x 4”   8ply  200/Bag

Tongue Depressors



Tongue Depressors   Non Sterile, natural birch wood, Senior 3/4" x 6"


 Product :118-403  100/box                                                                            


Germa Spray




GERMA Spray®. Antiseptic spray with Lidocaine. Helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Prodcut:   33014 2 oz Pump  

Nose Bleed Plugs



Nose Bleed Plugs Non- Sterile.Used to control common nose bleeds. Plugs are pliable and made of lint free cotton.                         


 Product:  999922PK  50/Bag

Laceration Kit Premium



Premium Laceration Tray:  Sterile. Only supplies required are suture material, needle, and lidocaine.


 10 4”x4” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply

5   2”x2” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply

1 Fenestrated Drape 13”x 18” x 3”

2 Absorbent Towels Blue Blotting 4 Ply

2 Med. Cups 60cc Gamma Safe

1 Webster Needle Holder

1 Iris Scissors

1 Mosquito Forcep

1 Syringe 10ml

1 Needle 18ga x 1.5 Pink

1 Needle 27ga x 1.25 Grey

1 Needle 25ga x 0625 Org.

1 Tray: Micofoam

1 Wrap 25” x 25”

 Product: 1944271  

Laceration Kit



 Minor Laceration Tray: A convenient kit assembled in a compact, sterile package. Disposable sterile kits offer convenience and extra protection against cross infection. Plastic tray provides sterile field. Removable Tyvek lid. 


1 Plastic Tray
5 Gauze Sponges
1 Waterproof Drape, Blue
1 Fenestrated Waterproof Drape
2 Absorbent Towels
1 Tissue Forcep (Metal not serrated)
1 Needle Holder
1 Scissors

  Product:  8451                                                                                 

AMD-Ritmed Non Woven Sponges (Sterile)

AMD-RitMed® Non Woven Sponges (Sterile): General Purpose Medical Grade Non-Woven gauze sponges are highly absorbent, double that of cotton gauze sponges with the equivalent plies. Leave patients with a soft and soothing feel with these lint free sponges.

4x4 in. 4 ply,100 pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product: AMD A4440

3x3 in 4 ply, 100 pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product: AMD A3440

2x2in 4 ply ,100pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product:  AMD A2240

Donjoy Sling (Universal)

Donjoy® Universal Sling:  Contact closure adjustment on envelope accommodates most patients. Durable cotton/poly material, double D-rings, and contact closure shoulder strap for proper adjustment. One size fits most. Ideal for immobilization and support of the shoulder and elbow joints. Reusable

   Product: 81-92070   

Cramer ® Rapid Form Immobilzer

Cramer® Rapid Form Immobilizer:  3-Piece Set, Arm, Leg & Ankle. The Rapid Form Immobilizer helps stabilize fractures and dislocations without circumferential pressure. Pump extracts air from the unit, forcing the interior beads to form a solid, rigid mass.

Product:  13463


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