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Pure Core Protein

Pure Core Protein

Time Release Nitrogen Matrix (TRMN) scientifically engineered to supply your blood plasma with an abundance of critical amino acids known as the amino acid pool. The amino acids utilized in the matrix combine fast acting short chain branched chain amino acids (BCAA) with slower digesting polypeptides to provide a constant supply of nitrogen into the blood. TRNM ensures that your cells sustain a positive nitrogen balance during the critical hours after training by supplying your cells with improved intracellular amino acid retention and increase cell volumizing potential.  27g of protein/serving, 0 Trans or Saturated fat, 0 sugar, 1g of carbs, aspartame free.

Available in:

100 Individual servings (35g Single serving pouch)

Double Chocolate, Ice Cream Vanilla, Strawberry Delight  (Specify flavor when ordering)

Product: PCP-100

Bulk Box:10kg 

Double Chocolate, Ice Cream Vanilla, Strawberry Delight (Specify flavor when ordering)

Product: PCP-BLK



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